Progressive Delivery

Progressive Delivery is one of the key benefits you can get when addressing our writing service. If your order is big, multilevel and complex, choosing this option you will receive updates about the progress and be able to suggest some changes if needed.

The benefits of the progressive delivery are:
  1. You will receive and check your assignment gradually;
  2. You don’t have to pay us the whole sum for your dissertation or thesis from the very beginning. Your overall payment will be divided into several reasonable installments.
  3. You are able to keep track of assignment through your personal manager, assigned to control the progress of the particular order;
  4. You know precisely when you receive every part of your paper, and can plan your time accordingly;
  5. You have a right for an extended deadline for a revision. You can ask us to revise your paper for 21 days after approving the first part of the order.

We have come up with this method of managing complex assignments after several surveys conducted among clients in the academic writing market. The bigger and more complex an assignment is, the more stress customers feel when placing an order. With a Progressive Delivery, you are protected both from fraud and poor competence.

Progressive Delivery allows you to:
  • narrow down the risk of receiving a paper of lousy quality;
  • minimize a chance of an overall revision, as you receive and check your paper step by step;
  • avoid paying an impressive sum of money for a paper writing of which you can’t control.
What is the Price and how Can You Order this Option?

To experience all benefits of our Progressive Delivery Service you should pay only 10% than you would pay for a paper with a standard delivery plan. If you want to receive your assignment part by part and pay for it in installments, please, address our contact support to organize it for you.


To avoid any confusion and increase the effectiveness of this feature we have set the following rules regarding it: you can ask for a Progressive Delivery option only if your assignment is due more than in 3 days and/or costs more than $200. For the orders with a deadline exceeding 7-10 days and priced over $600 Progressive Delivery is obligatory.


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